LICE CLINICS PRIME® Franchise Corporation

The Concept Franchise

Omschrijving actie

* Proven business model
* Professional marketing strategy
* Ownership structure
* Professional orientation
* 3D design of your future Center
* Elegant design developed by qualified architects
* Prestigious Chairs award design by Aeris®
* Configuration of your website SEO, SEA
* Features for medical connections
* Verified Diagnostic Certificate
* APP Goodbye Lice Pick-Up-in-Store

Estructura Corporativa - Start-Up
Franchise Concept
for professionals:
para profesionales

Lice CLinics Prime® Corporate Business offers a START-UP Partnership in Head-lice Vacuum treatment.(USA Patent Pending)
A complete equiped installation for Best Practice treatment centers:
- Headlice treatments ( pediculosis)
- Pedicure
- Manicure
- Beauty Centers

1. Best Lice Vacuum removal concept at the highest quality level. Allergy Friendly label.
Lice CLinics Prime® network offers participation as an Owner with exclusive professional SEA services.
2. Pedicure-ready with basic set of instruments and devices. (option)
3. Beauty center, or Manicure-ready with intelligent Mirror for face technology. (option)

Concept Lice Clinic Prime® is a Franchising contract with professional SEO support and 'owner' landing page in social media.
For more information on opening a Lice CLinics Prime® Corporation:
-Affordable investment, Corporate partners in Wisconsin USA, Argentine, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Doha( Qatar), and certified members in 200 cities.
- monthly Fee for LCP® License (equal to all necessary monthly purchases of products, filters and combs for lice clearing).
- Luxury 2way Lice Catcher X® Installation with real Hospital Hepa filter (dust free, noice reduced,Allergy Friendly).
- Top Central Vacuum device for whisper-quiet operation at low power consumptions. Desinfectation filter provided.
- Kids friendly eradication treatment concept.(Label)
- Revolutionary US Registered device for head lice care (CE)
- Design Winning Award chairs.

Start-up in four weeks after signing contract.
Being part of our Corporation requires a minimum annual 99€/$ payment (Royalty)
Monthly Licence/purchase fee, excl taxes and shipping costs.
No hidden surprises
Belgian Company.

(Lice Catcher X® is a registered USA & China Trademark N°017395187)

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